The Legging Controversy

Ok here we go. After being a model for leggings I feel I need to speak up on this topic.

In response to this:

First of all, if YOU PERSONALLY do not like leggings, don’t wear them.
I understand you might not be comfortable wearing them or simply don’t like them. That’s cool, that’s how l feel about jeans.

Second. They are pants. They have been considered pants for years. Women’s leggings date back to the 1960’s when the women’s movement was at its height. THESE WERE MEANT TO FREE US!

Please don’t listen to some narrow minded people when they say things like ” i won’t wear leggings because they provoke sexual thoughts in men.”


We were all put here to procreate, to partner up. Whether we’re wearing potato sacks or leggings has no bearing on how others look at us. Cheek bones, eye shape, lip shape, natural pheromone, attitude, all these things attract us to a mate, Naturally we feel passionate about someone, which creates within us feelings of sex and intimacy, as that is a way for our brain to communicate that it wants to partner with this person.
I was literally hit on the other day in a fuzzy onesie. Should we stop wearing those too as it clearly initiated a sexual response?

Please, stop bringing fashion into your religion and if you do, then as the saying goes “religion is like a penis, it’s all fine and dandy having one but don’t go shoving it down other people’s throats and waving it around”

I love leggings. Leave leggings out of this. If you feel insecure in your clothing that’s your own issue, not leggings fault.

It’s about time we started recognizing not the CLOTHES but the CLOSED MINDS of others…
Photo credit Andre Goulet


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1 Response to The Legging Controversy

  1. Sharon Richardson says:

    well said!!

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