Valentine? Or a Lifetime?

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, we find ourselves focused on the subject of love. Either you’re in love, and you want something to do that’s unique for the day. Or you’re trying to find love… Or you just rather love yourself!

Either way, why make a one day memory when you can make something that will last a lifetime?
A proper, professional photo shoot with a professional stylist and makeup artist can create a memory that will be frozen in time for generations to enjoy.

Don’t worry if you’re not too creative that’s where the team come into play. Randy Porter and I have been working on creative shoots for a good year now. We constantly come up with new and innovative ideas for shoots. Also, if you’re stuck on ideas, im told Pinterest helps.

Then when it comes to styling, Tara Carter (my life force in the fashion industry) comes to the rescue to take you from a 6 to a 10! (Trust me, I do NOT look like I do in photos without her!!!)

So, talk to your boyfriend, your husband, and do a creative shoot together for a Valentine’s present that will capture your love forever. Something that can’t be lost or misplaced, something frozen in time.

And if you don’t have that special someone yet, hell come play model for a day! I’ll even help you pose! Who knows? Maybe the pics will attract your new mate? It’s how one man found me! Comment on this post or message my model page and I’ll set you up.
Female model: Carolynne’s Model Work
Male model: Matthew Paswisty


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