Excerpt From My Book

I’ve told many of you I’m writing a book. One about everything that is wrong with the world today and everything that is right, from the perspective of a woman in my shoes. I’m not giving you much… but i will give you this….

I’m just over 25,000 words in… here’s a taster for you:


“That night, on may 31st 1985, exactly 3weeks before I was born, 9 tornadoes touched down in Ontario, one ripping through Barrie narrowly missing the hospital I was born in. I arrived in among the rubble and destruction, 7lbs 11oz with a head full of jet black curly hair, the only baby in the whole maternity ward to have hair. It was 8:05am when I took my first breath, I opened my big brown eyes…I saw this world… and began to scream.




Photo Credit Andras Schram/Dress by Dianne Gibson/ Hair and Makeup by Rasha Kapour and Jenny Parks of Diva Salon, Jewelry provided by Calgary Jewelers, featured in LUXE Magazine by Calgary Bride. 


0Z9A5014 - Version 2


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