Must Have Hair

The “IT” styles this year revolve around loose waves and curls. Ladies and gents, I give you, the Taylor Swift wave/curl


Here are the products we’ll use   1-IMG_2868

And we need. BUBBLE WAND1-IMG_2872-001     And this is my hair to start…

Starting Mid-length on the hair, work 1/2 squirt of oil on ends Of damp hair. Add mouse
Dusted through the root and then worked into length of hair.  Take small sections of hair, curl spray them, then wrap hair around the bubble wand one FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER (not just on top of itself) slowly unwind and place curl aside to cool. (REMEMBER, HOW HAIR COOLS IS HOW IT SETS)1-IMG_2875 (1)-001     To make waves, using Your paddle brush or tangle eeZ, Brush out the curls


If it falls out too much grab fat sections and re bubble iron to create S wave

To preserve overnight twist into a high bun, and hold with elastic and bobby pin.


Notice how thick it makes the hair look and feel!!!

TA DA!!! 

So simple!!!

And lastly, stay classy my girls, if I hear one more horror story about you going to a bad salon I will cry. 

Please, go see my darling stylist Jason Mellor, at Jami Symons Salon, to ensure you have the best hair in town, hands down. I only trust the best with my hair, isn’t your hair worth it? I think it is 🙂 make an appointment today.

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