Shoppers Photo Fail

Gone are the days when you could enter any local Shoppers Drug Mart, go to the Easypix station and upload your photos right then and there. Now you have to order them online and have them mailed to your local shoppers drug mart. Let’s pretend, for a moment, that it’s a perfect world and no one needs to monitor the quality control of this venture….


You boast one of the “easiest” printing services and promise all these wonderful gifts and offers. I assure you there’s nothing easy about it.

I was NEVER emailed a copy of the confirmation of the order.

When I got called the first time, half the 1st order showed up in incorrect size and paper quality (they were matte, I ordered glossy) 

(Keep in mind these orders were literally entered into the computer one after the other, same day, no more than 10mins apart)  

A week later I got a call to come get the rest of the order. This time more than 40% of the photos had their heads cut off.

It was as though NO ONE checked the crop settings on the photos and were literally shipped to a machine, printed, dropped in envelopes and mailed back out with no human interaction. 

When I asked whom I speak to in regards to voicing my concern, I was told there is no contact for the photos as they’re sent out to Fujifilm, all I could do was call the 1-800-SHOPPER number and hope to get more assistance than I did from this less than satisfactory experience. I didn’t feel confident in the knowledge that I would get any further assistance, so I took my business to Japan Camera and they fulfilled my order in less than 24hrs. 

I suggest anyone else looking for photos to be printed do the same. I still love shoppers as a store, however, I certainly will never go there for photos ever again. 

Photo by Tim Nguyen

Fashion by: Kenzie Housego, Stacey Morgan, Amie Mae, Dan Damron

Makeup by: Erin Winters 


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