Why is it, as adults, we can feel completely independent at all times, until we get sick….

You wake up alone and in pain, your head and chest feel like they’re caving in. You need water, tissues, cough medicine, and someone to change your blankets, and yet, there’s no one to turn to but yourself. 

Sometimes I find myself wondering…. How did a 30yr old model, with a brain, a career, her own car, end up alone in this world? This kind of thing doesn’t usually bother me. And then you wake up alone, truly vulnerable and weak, and there’s no one there to help you… How can we go on in this world living under this pretention that we are fine alone? We can’t procreate alone, even with scientific help we still need something from one another. When did we become so solitary? When did 2 become 1? And why do we think it’s more efficient? 

I can tell you, as a woman who is currently sick, and alone, it’s not more efficient, it’s more “safe.” But what I didn’t realize before is that being safe isn’t living.  We could die today, tomorrow, next week, and how would being “safe” have helped us? 

We need each other, we need partners. No matter how independent you are, one day your world as you know it will come crumbling down, and you’ll have one of two options:

Suffer alone,

Or have someone to ease the pain and share your suffering. 

The choice is yours. 

Choose wisely, before it’s too late


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2 Responses to Lonely

  1. inferno335 says:

    (Hugs) Having been sick as a dog for half of June, I completely sympathize with how you feel today, Carolynne. ❤️
    And I want you to know… you might be alone in body – a situation that can be remedied instantly, if you so desire – but you’re never alone in spirit. You’re my friend, Lady C – and while that might be a frivolous little thing to some, to me it means you’ve ALWAYS got my support, no matter what; you need only ask.
    If you need help, I’m here – say the word, gimme an address and I’ll be there.
    Being alone isn’t a bad thing – everyone needs that now and then… but lonely? You won’t be in that state for long, C, not if you don’t wish to be. ☺️


  2. Charles Huss says:

    As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” we humans are social creatures and need other people to survive. Your ideal partner is out there now going through the same thing. I am sure you are destined to find each other.

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