The most happenin’ little makeover studio is right in the heart of downtown Calgary, and is awaiting you and your friends for your transformation! 

Upon entering I was so enchanted. The walls are adorned in hot pink and black designs, with white accents and large, throne like salon chairs. 

They are not just a hair salon, but also do makeup with their own custom makeup line, hair and hair extensions with their custom extensions, and sell top of the line beauty products. 

There you will find my darling Jason, who, for those who don’t know, can do both your hair and makeup! And he does the best colour and extensions in town! Jason is one of the top stylists in the country, who has styled for several films, fashion shows,  advertisements, and publications, including the beautiful Luxe by Calgary Bride. 

I went by myself to check out the new digs and I’m so impressed. My girl Vanessa went there for her makeup for her recent head shots and it looked so beautiful, not overly done and extremely tasteful.

Whether you need a day for yourself, or you need to book your entire entourage in for a makeover, call Jason at Madd Pretty and he’ll take the very best care of you. 

To book your appointment today call 403-245-6233 and ask for Jason Mellor 

Check them out on Facebook and like their page CLICK HERE

 Photo credit Eden Rodriguez

Hair by Jason Mellor

Makeup by Tara Smith

Dress by Mackenzie Jones  

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