The Setting Sun

After 2 years of glamour here in Calgary, I feel my spotlight drastically fading. What’s worse is I never really got to taste the full opportunity. 

When something comes along and rips up your face it tends to limit what one can accomplish. But I bounced back,4yrs later,  it seems I made it just in time.

But I feel like my modelling career is starting to take on the anxiety and irony of how one feels when you show up to a shoot with only a few hours sun left… Time is running out. Suddenly the under eyes from working and writing are much harder to hide, I have to be more strict with my skin regime because I’m getting wrinkles. My “Virgin hair” finally started getting dyed now at 30 because I am no longer impenetrable by grey hair.

I know with bridal and lifestyle, maybe even the make fashion crowd,  I might be able to land the odd gig, but let’s face it, I was at my peak last year, and in fashion you have to be of the moment. I feel like I’ve been cast into the shadows while the younger, more fresh models get to spread their wings.

And a part of me is ok with that. I know the people I adore working with will continue to collaborate with me, and I may even add some new connections, but needless to say, within the next couple years, the sun will set on my modelling career.

But to everyone who helped me get here, thank you. 3hrs in the sun is better than a lifetime of darkness. And no matter where I go after, I will always take that light with me, knowing I can do it, as long as I believe in myself, even when no one else would. 

I am by no means throwing in the towel, I’m just being real. I mean, I’m 30, that’s like 50 in model years (lol inside model joke) 

So to the young up and comers, embrace your spotlight, be kind to those helping you and be wary of those who would do you harm. I hope you all get to feel the prestige I have for the last few years, and who knows maybe even another 🙂 

Work it girls! You only get one chance! 


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1 Response to The Setting Sun

  1. inferno335 says:

    Just want you to know, Carolynne… it’s not just those you’ve worked with who’ll stick with you to the end. Your real fans will too, to the end of your modelling career and beyond. Some might even be friends of yours one day. 😉

    For my part, you’ve always been one kick-butt model and a class act from the day we connected – I’m proud to call you my friend, even if it’s hardly mutual and we rarely cross paths anymore. Wherever your future takes you… Good luck, and thanks for being a real-life example of what it means to really choose your own fate. Everything you’ve faced could have knocked you down and kept you there permanently… but you wished for more. You pushed through all the shit, and continue to do so every day in at least one case. You’ve made one awesome career, modelling and otherwise (at least that I’ve seen). You’ve been the rising sun for those who’ve sought an example to follow and actually taken two minutes to look beneath the surface.
    Twilight years of modelling or not, you’ve made a difference in that line of work. Believe that – and when the sun finally does set on that career, you’ll have that much more time to make a difference elsewhere.

    ‘Sides, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Carolynne – but sunsets create some pretty good views. Something tells me your modelling definitely won’t end with a whimper. 😉


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