Ode To My Beautiful Golden Puppy

Today I found out that tomorrow, my parents will take our almost-14yr old yellow Labrador to be put down to sleep.

Naturally when I heard this it broke my heart. I know it needs to be done, she’s old and starting to suffer. But I can’t help but remember all the sweet times we had…

1. When we drove her home from the breeder and she had that cute little yowl 

2. I bathed her as soon as we got home  

 3. She kept yowling so I brought her kennel in my bedroom so she could sleep by me. 

4. I let her have my big Santa teddy when she was about 12 weeks old. She always cuddled that. And we always played tug of war in the kitchen  

5.  Her favourite game was “steal the tv remote/ dads shoe/ and watch us chase her like mad people, all the while having this expression  

6. We went for a walk and she dragged me 200m across a field and stopped at my charm bracelet I’d lost a few weeks ago. 

7. She adored her walks with mum 


After I almost died and my face was torn apart, it was Gemma who helped ease me back into being around dogs. She would approach me so slowly, nudge me with her head and lick my face, then push her head under my arm so that I would hold her. I’ll never forget what you did for me puppy.

Gemma, mum and dad loved you, Chris and his kids loved you,

  and you even stole the hearts of the Manitoba family when you ran free on Clarke farm for a bit.

We’ll always love you my girl, and no matter what, you’re a good dog gemma. Such a good dog. I’ll be there tomorrow to say my goodbye to you my sweet golden pup. I hope there’s lots of chew bones in heaven 

I love you Gemma x   

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