LADIES! Want the best ass in town!? 

Yes, working out will give you a great derrière, but how do you get one without all that effort at the gym? The answer is simple, and it’s online, and it’s here in Calgary


So what makes these pants so special? Well besides the fact that my man loves the way my posterior looks in them, I constantly receive compliments from other women in regards to the appearance of the junk in my trunk. These pants are so much more than just pants, there’s science and technology applied to the fashion. The WR.UP line is described on Freddys official website: 

The WR.UP® technology is the result of an accurate research, certified by numerous exclusive patents, and, among others, it includes:

– a silicon strip inserted inside the belt to improve adherence to belt line;

– an ultralight silicon membrane, inserted in the hip/thigh area, for a modelling effect;

– an insert on the buttocks with a special anatomic and curved shape, designed especially to produce a push-up effect;

– a special conformation of the crotch that, together with the materials and seams used, adheres perfectly to the line between the buttocks producing a further push-up effect

So what does that all mean? The silicone in the waist prevents the pants from sliding down and showing that ever feared “Plummer butt.” The silicon membrane in the thighs tightens them and makes them more taught and fit looking. And the last two points simply illustrate how the butt push up is created. We started with push up bras, finally someone made us push up pants. 

By now you’re probably surfing the web to see all the designs, and may gasp when you see the price, but let me put it this way. I got my first pair of Freddys 3 years ago, I still have them and they still look fierce. I rarely wear any other pants but Freddy. They also have workout wear, fashion wear and men’s wear. So tell me again why you want a pair of $70 jeans that don’t make you stand out, when you could have a pair that will make you the envy of the girls, and the desire of the guys. 

Also, unlike many brands that are now mass produced in China, Freddy have amazing quality control coming from one facility in Italy. I don’t know about you, but knowing I’m getting clothing from a quality, European supplier gives me not only a feeling of confidence but a sense of luxury. 

Got a bunch of Christmas/ Hanukkah money and want to go clothes shopping? Skip the stores that put out the stuff that didn’t sell all year, go to the place that sells out, is top quality, and will last you a lifetime. 

Don’t like shopping online? No problem! Head to Chinook mall, upper level 2 doors down from the Saucy Bread Company. 

You’re welcome ladies. Now go shop!  

Photos by

Top and main Pablo B

Bottom Andras Schram

Hair and Makeup Tara Smith 

Clothing by Freddy

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