The Best Boutique in Calgary

(Not in calgary, or even canada? No worries! Click here to shop elsewhere in the world and find a boutique near you Get Freddy Clothing around the world!)

Daily I am asked, “where did you get those pants?” And every time I respond, ” at the Freddy Pant Room, north side, downstairs Chinook mall.”

So I ask those of you who are wondering where this amazing fashion technology comes from, why haven’t you gotten yours yet? Their unique design give us girls the lift and shape we all dream of, that we can only get from hours of dedication at the gym, or by investing in a pair of timeless fashion. (Why are these pants amazing? Click here to find out)


Also, the Freddy fabulosity doesn’t just stop at pants, there’s shirts, jackets, dresses, active wear (which I always wear to the gym) even shoes! The product line is immense and beautiful.

So what’s so great about the Freddy Pant Room at Chinook? Not only is the layout clean and bright, accenting the fashion without overcrowding and hiding the essential pieces (we’ve all done that hunt for the cool piece at places like Forever XXI) but the staff are knowledgeable, honest, and incredibly helpful. The associates at the store are trained how to properly fit you into the perfect pair of pants (there is a method to putting them on, so I suggest you go for at least one fitting.)

The Store Manager Jeanette and the Assistant Manager Cesar are perhaps the most cheerful, assisting and glamorous people you could ask for advice when it comes to clothing, they’ll be sure to have you walking away with Freddy bags in hand, like you’re ready for the runway in Milan.


I’ve been a loyal customer of Freddy for 4 years now, and every pair looks brand new. I call them my forever Freddy’s.

So I’ll ask you all one more time, have you gotten your butt into your Forever Freddys yet?

Can’t make it to Chinook? That’s ok, head to Freddy Pant Room Online to have a look at the most recent designs, especially the spring line up. Get your Freddys before summer hits, so even if you’re not quite summer ready, no one else will be any the wiser. You’ll look stellar and be turning all the heads at Calgary’s biggest events like the all famous Calgary Stampede.



Photography by Andras Schram and Pablo Ley

Hair and Makeup by Tara Smith

Clothing provided by Freddy Pant Room Chinook Mall

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