How to help Fort McMurray


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Last week Alberta was hit hard by tragedy. Worldwide news has covered what happened to Fort McMurray, with wildfires raging and destroying over 200,000 hectares of land. Thousands have been evacuated from there and surrounding towns, and we as a country have banded together to show our support.

Many of your at home are also wondering what you can do to help, so I’ve comprised a list of companies that are providing relief with donations and such.

For those who are a little short on giving a donation but still need to get some clothes, Freddy is donating $50 from every purchase in store and on line to Fort McMurray relief. Stop by Chinook mall lower level, at the Freddy Pant room, or go online to Freddy Pants Canada Freddy Pants USA

Want to volunteer? Click here

Donations can be sent to the following:

Fort McMurray Centre of Hope
Woodland Buffalo Foodbank
Habitat for Humanity Wood Bufffalo
Alberta Fire Prevention Salvation Army
Save the Children Fort McMurray
Society for Crisis Prevention
Red Cross Fort McMurray Fund

Local Sobeys, Safeway, and No Frills grocery stores are accepting donations.

Local flight companyIntegra Air is also flying up supplies (water, food, diapers, blankets, bathroom necessities etc.) Located at 5414 11 St NE, Calgary.  T2E7E9

Are you able to help house a family in need? Click Here

Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, many animals have been affected as well, you can donate directly to Fort McMurray SPCA to help save the fur babies.

Alternatively you can donate to Calgary Humane Society or Edmonton Humane Society as many animals have been displaced to those locations.

As Albertans, as Canadians, as a world, we have all come together in a force to be reckoned with to help out our citizens in crisis. Let’s show those displaced that we will continue to help in this, their time of need.
Image by Donn Horbach

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith

Carolynne’s pants by ( Black Satin WR.UP)  Freddy Pants Canada also available at Freddy Pants USA



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