6 Ways to cool your house without an AC

Freddy Facts of the week:

With summer fast approaching, Canadians are all too familiar with major heat waves that make it almost impossible to sleep (especially if you share a bed with your partner, in my case he’s a walking furnace).

So I’m going to outline 6 ways you can keep your house nice and cool, so you can rest up and really enjoy the heat in a healthy way.


Ever wonder how greenhouses can keep going all year? All that glass allows the Suns rays to be absorbed and reflected to create more heat within it. As tempting as it is in summer to open the blinds and let the sun in before you leave for work, if you don’t want to come home to a walk in sauna, keep them closed. Even better if you have black out curtains or a heavy cloth to go over the blinds (standard plastic blinds still let a decent amount of light in, so if you really want a chill house try putting up some thick towels or a dark fleece blanket over the windows, you’ll thank me later).

2. Turn your ceiling fans to COUNTER CLOCKWISE

Believe it or not, we’re supposed to switch our fans in winter and summer. Clockwise allows the heats to rise, whereas the opposite pulls up the cold air. Also, turning your oven extractor fan or your bathroom fans on will also suck out the heat as that is one of their main functions.

3. Don’t close bedroom doors

Houses have a natural air flow to them and disrupting that will allow bedrooms to trap the warm air in. Ever notice the living room is usually colder than your room? You probably kept the door closed. Open it up and you’ll notice a couple degree drop at least.

4. Change up your bedding

In the winter months we usually gravitate to flannelette sheets. In summer try switching to cotton, it doesn’t hold as much heat.

5. Make your own AC (my favourite)

A trick I learned when I had my first apartment in a ghetto, was to place a bowl filled with ice in front of a fan (make sure the fan can be seen from above the bowl) turn it on and voila! You have your own cheap version of an air conditioner.

6. Let the night air seep in

Many nights get colder than the day (some don’t so maybe step outside and make sure you feel a breeze) if you do feel that breeze, open up all the windows in your home and let that cool air circulate. You can even be strategic with your fans and place them near the air flow to help pick it up and travel through.

So there you have it. 6 ways to keep things chilled this summer. Every year the metropolitan centres like Toronto lose some elderly due to heat exhaustion, so if you have a grandparent that you care about try setting up some of these tricks for them, and they’ll be around to enjoy more summers with you in the future.

Stay cool Canada

Carolynne’s Pants by Freddy Pants Canada and Freddy Pants USA

Photo by Donn Horbach

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith


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