5 Signs he’s a keeper

Freddy facts of the week:

We all wonder what to look for in a man. When in a relationship here are 5 things to watch for that can help ensure you’re not wasting your time:

1. He makes time for you

This is huge. With everyone being so “busy” in today’s world, it’s important to know where you file into his schedule. If he manages to take your call at work (or calls you back the second he can), if he’s at a party and takes the time to call/text you, if he’s watching sports and still makes time to call, your man is showing you’re important to him. If you constantly hear, ” I couldn’t talk to you because __________,” You should probably rethink your current man. 

2. He texts you good morning/goodnight 

This is sort of similar from the first but not quite. By messaging you at these key times it shows that in his most quiet moments, the times when he’s alone, he’s thinking of you. You’re one of his first thoughts waking up and one of the last before he closes his eyes. This is a way of saying, “you’re a priority to me.”

3. You can find the humour in the most stressful of situations

This is something you’ll experience the more you’re together and perhaps when you’re officially in a relationship. But when the chips are down and the whole world as you know it is crashing around you, you can both find a way to laugh about something. You need to remember above all else that you are in love, and love does not thrive in pain, rather it sees humour and play as fuel, you must be able to see past the present and remind your souls that you are true, and you’re there to support and cherish each other. 

4. You laugh at most of the same jokes

You don’t have to like the same things, but laughter and love are very similar languages. Try going to a stand up comedy show, if you both howl laughing about the same subject matter chances are you’ll be able to speak to each other’s souls for a long time.

5. He touches you often

This is a direct sign that not only is he thinking of you, but wants to be connected in more of a physical way. If he holds your hands, hugs/kisses you, grabs your ass, he’s letting you and everyone in eye sight know that you’re his, and he’s yours. 

Photo by: Randy Porter

Hair and Makeup by: Tara Smith

Pants: leather effect by Freddy Canada / Freddy USA

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