Calgary Parking Authority Scam

How many of you have been screwed by the parking meters in Calgary? For me it’s happened multiple times, and personally, I’m sick of it. Today was the last straw. 

I parked off 6th ave and 6th st SW in order to reach the courthouse. I brought with me $7.75 to pay for my parking to avoid, hopefully, another ticket. When I went to the machine I put all the money in, I always push the “print receipt” button as i simply can’t trust those machines… And this is why: 

It said I only paid $3.75. When I called the parking authority they gave me a website where I could add additional money via credit card. (It ate my money once and now it wants more money). I explained to the gentleman that I had already paid enough and my parking should be covered, he gave me the email to contact the Calgary Parking Authority further (because calling them isn’t enough). To be safe I tried calling to process yet another payment via credit card, only to be told repeatedly that my card was not valid… I proceeded to email the CPA and detail my experience via email message, this was the response I received: 

So I can ask for a refund for $4 but I potentially would’ve received a parking ticket for $75+…

I would’ve ran out of time if I hadn’t almost fainted in line at the courthouse and a kind officer moved me to the front in order to process my payment faster. When I came outside there was a parking authority vehicle conveniently in the area ticketing other cars. I stated to him that he had better not ticket me as my stub still said I had 3 minutes left. He suggested I move my car immediately to avoid a fine…

My point here is, if we cannot pay by coin, and we cannot pay by credit card, then the Calgary Parking Authority is scamming people. I personally have paid over $500 in the past 5years of parking downtown. How many others have been scammed the same way? We’ve all attempted to pay and been screwed in the process. It’s one thing if you’re dodging the payment, it’s another when you’re trying to be honest and still being taken advantage of. Our economy is currently in the tank and parking tickets are the last thing we as a city need to be fretting over. 

Dear City of Calgary, please fix your busted parking system, employ more caring/helpful staff, and stop abusing your patrons. This is beyond ridiculous. 

Sincerely, an angry Calgarian

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