I’m sick of this shit 

Welcome to 2017. The height of the liberal movements. Where everyone has rights and everyone has a voice. Thanks to social media, I’ve found my voice becoming more and more quiet.


Because I’m white, so my opinion is biased, and apparently I’m entitled… (white privilege??? I wish that had stopped all those years of bullying, I wish that had kept the dog from tearing my face apart, I wish it had kept my brain from developing ptsd, but yet this privilege for me was nothing but a stereotype) 

Because I’m a model, so apparently I have no empathy for other body types, so I’m just another skinny bitch (many in my family battle weight issues, and I just had a baby. But by all means, give me dirty looks and call me a skinny bitch cause obviously I have no idea how to lose weight…) 

Because I’m open, I share my heart on my sleeve, but you only seek to destroy it. 

We’ve given everyone a voice, but have you read the comment sections on social media posts? They are ripe with offences. Hate, fear, negativity, but who polices that? Who stops the hate until it’s too late? How many more sensitive young souls are going to be destroyed by some cowards rants behind a screen?

How do we make sure we actually have rights for all? 

Why is it ok for someone of another race to call me a honky or white trash? Does anyone ever care to ask someone who looks white what their nationality truly is? I’m half Mediterranean, Maltese people have dark hair, olive skin and dark eyes, but yet, u still ignorantly call me white. 

I’m straight, but if u don’t know me then suddenly I’m a homophobe…. some of my best friends are gay, but you wouldn’t know that when all you do is spit hate from your sad soul….
What I’m saying is we opened Pandora’s box when we started Facebook, twitter, instagram, social media in general. The world has gone mad with variety and overstimulation. It’s rights for all yet rights for none. If u don’t stand out, have different colour skin or identify with a different sexuality you’re basically a racist, old school asshole and your opinion isn’t welcome. 

I encourage everyone to share their opinions on posts, what I would like to see is an end to this trolling. People looking to start fights or say something negative about other people’s opinions. I’m sick of the “debate”. Make your own comment. Don’t reply and start wars. Make your comment and walk away. You don’t know what others are going through. You’re not god, so don’t judge. 

I can tell you all where to put your opinionated debates, and it coincides with what u sit on…
If you don’t get what im saying here:

I’m “white”. I’m thin. I’m a model. I’m straight.

I’m actually mix race, I’ve lost 50lbs one time and 30lbs recently, I tried for years to be a model but got turned down for the other unique girls (White girls get the lowest pool when it comes to modelling, they’re done with Barbie they want unique) so when I did succeed it certainly had nothing to do with privilege. I’m straight, but many of my friends are gay, trans, bi, and I love them all to pieces. My friends are a rainbow of colours. 

But to me they are simply people. I’m not bothered by what you identify as at all, just be a good person and I will too in return. I want equal rights for all. Straight up equality. I’m done with this one gets this and this one gets that. 



And if ur filled with hate don’t spew it in the comment section, go see a fucking counsellor or try yoga.

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