Mommy’s fabulous morning off 

When you’re a full time mom, there isn’t much time you get to yourself. You go days without washing your hair, forget to moisturize, forget to eat, needless to say you start to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. So when my stylist messaged me saying he had an opening at The Cutting Room Floor I was all for it. I made sure my man could watch the kids and I raced out the door to downtown to get my hair done. I met Jason at his new salon and I loved it there! It’s a quaint location in Kensington close to Chicken on the way and next door to Bombay Beauty Loft. 

-Let me tell you a bit about Jason. He recently returned from Shanghai, China, where he was invited to be a featured stylist at the International Hair Fair. He competed in the extension contest and came 16th out of 160 participants. He was named an “upcoming force in the hair industry.”

Considering I only have limited time away from the baby we got right to styling my hair. My roots had grown out quite a bit, but all in all there wasn’t much damage considering my hair is in a mom bun 24/7 now lol. 

He used these products to wash and style my hair 

I can’t rave on enough about how amazing my hair felt after these treatments. The Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel soft and sooooo lightweight! (My hair is heavy as hell so that’s a HUGE bonus to me) it shined and was super easy to style. Everyone has been complimenting my colour, it’s absolutely flawless.

Make your appointment at the Cutting Room Floor with Jason Mellor and get great hair today! You deserve it!!!!! 

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