Open letter to addicts at Christmas

I know your darkness. I know your pain. I understand what it is to be lost in among the shadows.

I know you think you are powerless to control your problem, but that’s just not true. That’s how you feel now that the alien host has taken over. You’ve rewired your brains to make you think you need this shit, when really it’s truly killing you.

Around this time of your usage goes up cause y’all feel sad about your choices and missing your family, your friends, but can you ever take yourself out of your own world and think about what they’re feeling now that you’re gone?

I know, it tells you they don’t care. It tells you they’re better off without you, that you’re worthless. But that’s just not true. There’s a you, deep inside you, that is great. That is a beacon of light to someone you know, you just didn’t believe in yourself enough to see it. You let a demon/alien whatever you want to call it take over your body and mind, and take you away from the ones who love you. But what you don’t realize, is it can never take your soul.

Instead of giving in this Christmas, instead of giving up cause you can’t afford gifts. Give the ones you love the best Christmas ever, choose to get clean, choose to take back your life, choose to fight, love will await you on the other side I promise. But please fight. I know several little boys and girls who would love to have their mommies and daddies back. If you’re that mommy or daddy, please try. You’re the number one thing at the top of their lists. They just want you.

Please, on behalf of everyone who’s dealt with being an addict or has a loved one who is, please fight for your soul, your loved ones miss you.

Photo edit by Stacy Hokett

Hair and makeup by Tara smith

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