Little Girl Lost: Why Stars Like Cara Delevingne Need Our Compassion

You see them every day. Celebrities, personalities, they’re plastered over every ad, featured in shows and movies, expected at talk shows and gatherings. They’re “What’s Hot.” And people “love” them. Or at least they’re infatuated with them in a way.

To be a star, you have to have that “Je ne sais quoi,” and usually that “star quality” comes with a few quirks. I’m not sure I know of any performer/personality/influencer who doesn’t battle some Mental Health malady or are on the autism/learning disorder spectrum. They are often amazing intellects, brilliant people, who others live to feed off their energy.

But what happens when their inner lamp runs out of oil? And their flame, once so bright, begins fade? Perhaps you begin to see more of their darkness, and now suddenly they’re being a character you no longer love, but rather enjoy watching someone so perfect fall so far down. Why this obsession with other’s demise? Does being “better by comparison” really mean that much to you?

I ask of you, all of you, if you ever admired a celebrity, while they were in their height, admire them at their lowest too. They are working through some darkness you can’t possibly comprehend, and your judgement is the last thing they need.

What they need is support, love, acceptance.

It’s ok to miss an event.

It’s ok to turn down a role because you’re tired.

Any other work environment HAS TO LEGALLY ACCOMMODATE WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH. Legit. If you’re an alcoholic they can’t fire you, they’re supposed to accommodate you with whatever programs are necessary to assist your rehabilitation. Because alcoholism is a disease. Drug addiction is a disease. Mental illnesses are diseases.

So why is it ok for stars to be left to their own devices and watched from afar as we see their fiery descent back to the humble ground of earth? Why do we just expect them to “figure it out,” when, often they’re thrust into the spotlight at ages that most of us can’t even decide what to wear in a day never mind how to behave, what pills to take, what to say, what to wear, what not to say, what not to wear, who to hang with, who not to hang with.

Every single step they take is documented, critiqued, judged.

For once, people of the earth, normalize LIFTING SOMEONE UP. Instead of being so goddamned eager to watch them fall.

I’m rooting for you Cara, and anyone else who suffers with any kind of physical/mental illness. You are special, you are loved, and you can do this ❤️

To the trolls, if you’re not helping her build a bridge out of this state, then go fuck off back under some gutter bridge where y’all belong.

Ps. Can’t wait for Season 2 Carnival Row! You do you boo. You are a phoenix, and all phoenix’s rise from the ashes more beautiful than ever. 🤗

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