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Mind Blown

While “jimi Hendrix” stoned in college, I was sitting in physics when I came up with an insane question, that none of the professors could provide a definitive answer for. We were discussing gravity, and how in space there is … Continue reading

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Why I Tag You

Occasionally I get angry messages from people saying “please don’t tag me in your posts.” Or, they take it personally because I tagged them automatically thinking, “this must be about me.” I tag you because you’re my friends and I … Continue reading

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The Cheesecake Ca-FAIL

There is only one Cheesecake Cafe in Calgary. Today was my first visit to the ever famous “Cheesecake Cafe” here in town, and admittedly, it will be my last. Never, in my life as a restaurant connoisseur, nor in my … Continue reading

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No Fucking Way

There are 20,000 cars on the road at any given time in Calgary. This afternoon, I was driving along the south side of town, and the girl in front of me was driving slow due to the driver in front … Continue reading

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Got Your Money’s Worth

Anyone who knows me, or lives in my town, knows I’m the onesie queen. Even the girls at my local co op have now nicknamed me “onesie.” I bought one from bluenotes last night, and at first I was delighted. … Continue reading

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Road Warriors

Every day I get in my car I battle “road warriors.” I call them RW’s, as every time I drive it’s literally like a war on the road. Perhaps it’s because I drive a little sports coupe 2-door. Or maybe … Continue reading

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Divine Intervention

Ok physicists, riddle me this. Can a hood for a cobalt that was previously mangled, hanging on by only the emergency latch, magically fix itself so that it closes? Even after a mechanic told me “you better get a new … Continue reading

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