Saying goodbye to my best friend

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5 Ways to get rid of a cold/flu

Freddy facts of the week:

So you either didn’t see the post last week, or you just happened to fall victim to the current cold/flu buzzing around your home/school/workplace.Either way, here’s what you can do to get rid of it more efficiently so you can be back to your normal self in no time.

  1.  Rest: I can’t stress enough to get as much sleep as possible. If you’re off work, sleep longer and nap when possible. If you have to continue working, minimize other activities to ensure you receive the proper sleep you need to fight off this bacteria/virus.
  2.  Drink up: All that coughing and sneezing, (and if its the flu,any fluid emission from either end) makes you very dehydrated, make sure you ingest enough water to keep your system afloat
  3. Install a humidifier: Viruses and Bacteria thrive in dry, arid environments, by utilizing a cool air humidifier you can combat the virus in the air. You definitely want it running when you go to bed.  These handy little fellas can be purchased at any major supply store (walmart, superstore, ikea)
  4. Take vitamin C: right now vitamin c is the best friend your immune system can have. Try and get your daily intake either by consuming fruits and vegetables or by taking a supplement.
  5. Take hot showers: the steam from your shower will help break up the phlegm in your chest and nose. Try to breathe as deeply as possible to help clear those airways.

Hopefully this helps you beat that nasty cold/flu, it works for me!

Good luck my darlings! Get better soon!


Photo by Randy Porter

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5 Ways to prevent catching colds/flu

Freddy facts of the week: 

It happens every year, and it’s not always in winter. No I’m not talking about snow (although sometimes in Canada that’s true!) I’m talking about colds and the flu. Chances are we’ve all come in contact with a customer, coworker, loved one who shows symptoms of something amiss. Here’s what to do when you see this happen around you:

1. Disinfect all surfaces and materials 

Cold and flu viruses can live on hard surfaces up to 16hrs and fabric up to 12hrs. It is important to wash clothing, bed linens, and sanitize surfaces with a sterilizing product such as: lysol, windex, bleach, vinegar. 

2. Don’t touch your face

If someone coughs on you, don’t fret, unless they coughed or sneezed directly into your eyes, nose or mouth, there’s little to no risk of contagion. However, if your hands touch mucus anywhere and then you scratch your eye, itch your nose, or wipe your lips, the virus or bacteria can travel in the mucus membrane, thus rendering you potentially ill especially if you don’t already have the antibodies for this particular pathogen. 

3. Avoid close contact with infected persons

Often times viruses will spread through households due to one person being sick and the rest catching it. If the person is your partner, avoid close contact. If it’s your child contact is probably necessary, just make sure you sanitize everything they touch and try to keep your face out of the sneezes and coughs if you can. 

4. Get your vitamins 

Lacking nutrition can lower your immune system making it much harder to fight the bacterial war that can be waged against us. If you don’t eat a balanced diet then at least consume a multivitamin daily. 

5. Remain hydrated

There’s never an end to the benefits of water. In this case, your immune system is essentially in your blood. White blood cells are responsible for identifying, then tackling viruses and bacteria, and afterward cataloging their appearance along with an arsenal of antibodies  to ensure we don’t get sick from that one again. Blood needs water to transport itself efficiently throughout the system and ensure our immune response isn’t delayed. So drink up!

Here’s hoping you can all avoid that dreadful cold onset. 

Photo by Andras Schram

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith

Pants by Freddy Canada (available also at Freddy USA)

Shirt by Apt 22

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4 Stampede Fashion Must Have’s

Freddy facts of the week

The greatest outdoor show is coming to Calgary for its annual debut on Friday, THE CALGARY STAMPEDE!!! And as much as it is a celebration of western riding and culture, it’s also a chance to strut your cowboy fashion sense up and down the midway. I’ve comprised a list of 4 essentials in order to pull off the stampede runway with style. 

1. Cowboy hat/ Cute hairstyle

If you look good in a hat, go for it! I always like the sparkly ones. If not I suggest something with braids and some curls. Or you can go for the pigtails or pigtail braids, very on point.

2. Plaid Shirt

Nothing says rodeo living like a plaid shirt. You can also step this up a notch and find some western shirts at your local western store. 

3. Blingy Belt and Jewelry

Think BIG when it comes to belt buckles, and the more sparkle it has the better. As for jewelry you can play it up or play it small, if it sparkles it’ll look great either way. 

4. The Best Denim

Jeans are a staple of the western world, but those bulky wranglers don’t do much when it comes to shaping a girl or accenting your butt. Freddy has hands down the hottest denim for all your stampede needs. Rather than buying some cheap pair of pants just for stampede, get yourself a set that will last you forever. 


Bralette by Jenny Frank

Jeans by Freddy Freddy USA

Photos by Walt Klimasch and Pablo Ley

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith

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5 Signs he’s not the one for you

Freddy facts of the week: 

Last week we reviewed how to identify the great guy, this week let’s examine those who aren’t worth your time. Any of these 5 reasons are HUGE red flags and should have you running for the hills if you’re not already. 

1. He only calls you after midnight

You, my dear, are a booty call. No one wants to be that girl. You deserve to be the number one to someone, and if he’s not talking to you through the day, he’s probably not worth your time 

2. He waits days to text back and has some lame excuse for being busy.

Ladies, unless he does business at the top of Mount Everest, there’s a point throughout the day that he has both time, and cellular signal to contact you. If he doesn’t it’s typically because he chooses not to. Even if he works 8-12 hour days, if you’re on his mind, he’ll text you. And why shouldn’t he? You’re fabulous! 

3.You haven’t met any of his circle

Friends and family are the first indication that he’s planning on keeping you around. If he’s only taking you out alone you might want to question your worth to him. 

4. He’s rude to you

You’ve probably already forgiven him for whatever he said to you when he was drunk. But you have to ask yourself, if alcohol shows what people are hiding, does this not show you that he holds some form of malice towards you? Having someone call you derogatory names or  undermine your intellect are sure signs that he doesn’t respect you. If the person you think you love doesn’t respect you, you’re doomed my dear.  

5. He has another woman

You’d think this one would be obvious but let me elaborate. No man is with a woman because he’s stuck with her, give them a bit more credit than that. They do what they want to do, so if they’re still with her, it’s because they want to be. Not to mention, if he’s cheating on her, what’s to say he won’t cheat on you? Run away while you can.

Ladies, never lose your sense of value. You’re worth so much more than you give yourselves credit for. 

If you find yourself feeling alone and dejected, remove yourself from the drama, block his number and social media, take yourself on a shopping spree and plan a girls night. Never forget to treat yourself like the queen you are.

Speaking of shopping sprees, it’s Freddy Canada‘s semi annual sale! Now you can get the hottest styles for up to 50% off. Not in canada? No problem! USA head on over to Freddy USA.

Photo by: Andras Schram

Hair and makeup: Tara Smith

Clothing by: Freddy (Chinook mall location) 

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5 Signs he’s a keeper

Freddy facts of the week:

We all wonder what to look for in a man. When in a relationship here are 5 things to watch for that can help ensure you’re not wasting your time:

1. He makes time for you

This is huge. With everyone being so “busy” in today’s world, it’s important to know where you file into his schedule. If he manages to take your call at work (or calls you back the second he can), if he’s at a party and takes the time to call/text you, if he’s watching sports and still makes time to call, your man is showing you’re important to him. If you constantly hear, ” I couldn’t talk to you because __________,” You should probably rethink your current man. 

2. He texts you good morning/goodnight 

This is sort of similar from the first but not quite. By messaging you at these key times it shows that in his most quiet moments, the times when he’s alone, he’s thinking of you. You’re one of his first thoughts waking up and one of the last before he closes his eyes. This is a way of saying, “you’re a priority to me.”

3. You can find the humour in the most stressful of situations

This is something you’ll experience the more you’re together and perhaps when you’re officially in a relationship. But when the chips are down and the whole world as you know it is crashing around you, you can both find a way to laugh about something. You need to remember above all else that you are in love, and love does not thrive in pain, rather it sees humour and play as fuel, you must be able to see past the present and remind your souls that you are true, and you’re there to support and cherish each other. 

4. You laugh at most of the same jokes

You don’t have to like the same things, but laughter and love are very similar languages. Try going to a stand up comedy show, if you both howl laughing about the same subject matter chances are you’ll be able to speak to each other’s souls for a long time.

5. He touches you often

This is a direct sign that not only is he thinking of you, but wants to be connected in more of a physical way. If he holds your hands, hugs/kisses you, grabs your ass, he’s letting you and everyone in eye sight know that you’re his, and he’s yours. 

Photo by: Randy Porter

Hair and Makeup by: Tara Smith

Pants: leather effect by Freddy Canada / Freddy USA

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Becoming a mother

Everyone says your whole life will change when you have a baby. And they’re right…

For me I’m still in shock. I mean, considering everything that’s wrong with me, this little one has held on 6months and 2 weeks so far, she could technically be born today and have a decent chance of survival (better in a few weeks or rather, full term).

Since finding out I was pregnant I got my ass into gear. I quit all my medications for sake of the baby. I’d be lying if I said it’s not a struggle. My anxiety is through the roof. I worry about shit I’ve never even considered! How many germs are on a public change table? High chair? Mall floor? I watch how other children behave and think of how I would discipline or negotiate that behaviour. I worry about SIDS, infections, someone hurting her. She’s not even here yet and these are just the beginning. I worry about how to make the perfect cupcake. I worry I was too much of a tomboy growing up and such am making an effort to actively learn more makeup and hair skills so my little girl looks cute and stylish. 

I worry about my looks… Now I know most of you who’ve had a child can back me up here. Our bodies, that were once so petite, have morphed into the mothership and now we have a protruding belly that soon spontaneously jumps in areas with no provocation. I mean it’s one of the greatest, and strangest feelings in the world. This little being, this little you and your partner, is just churning around in there, pushing and kicking and swishing around. But then, at the same time, say goodbye to your favourite clothes, shoes (farewell Ivanka trump shoes, I’ll catch u next summer 😦 )

If you’re anything like me you’ll be needing a makeup bag near by. They say it’s an old wives tale that female babies steal your beauty… Well this one is siphoning it out of me. I don’t feel pretty unless I paint my face right up, I definitely didn’t get that pregnancy glow. 

But there’s something unique about carrying a baby. It’s like they already know you and understand you. If I’m sad, she starts to kick and I calm down. Despite hating that I lost my cute abs, I sit/stand there, rubbing my belly like I’m a god damn Buddha statue. It feels so cool. And sometimes she can feel my hand and touches it from inside. It’s terrifying. It’s amazing. I’m filled with fear and the most joy I have ever felt. 

So while I wait to meet my little princess, I’ll sit outside on the deck, listen to the birds chirp and write this, as id be a fool to think moments this peaceful will continue after the baby’s here. 

To my daughter: It’s the homestretch now my little love, I’ll meet you at the finish line, daddy will be there too, and we’ll start a whole new journey. I love you more than anything in the world. 

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