5 Signs he’s not the one for you

Freddy facts of the week: 

Last week we reviewed how to identify the great guy, this week let’s examine those who aren’t worth your time. Any of these 5 reasons are HUGE red flags and should have you running for the hills if you’re not already. 

1. He only calls you after midnight

You, my dear, are a booty call. No one wants to be that girl. You deserve to be the number one to someone, and if he’s not talking to you through the day, he’s probably not worth your time 

2. He waits days to text back and has some lame excuse for being busy.

Ladies, unless he does business at the top of Mount Everest, there’s a point throughout the day that he has both time, and cellular signal to contact you. If he doesn’t it’s typically because he chooses not to. Even if he works 8-12 hour days, if you’re on his mind, he’ll text you. And why shouldn’t he? You’re fabulous! 

3.You haven’t met any of his circle

Friends and family are the first indication that he’s planning on keeping you around. If he’s only taking you out alone you might want to question your worth to him. 

4. He’s rude to you

You’ve probably already forgiven him for whatever he said to you when he was drunk. But you have to ask yourself, if alcohol shows what people are hiding, does this not show you that he holds some form of malice towards you? Having someone call you derogatory names or  undermine your intellect are sure signs that he doesn’t respect you. If the person you think you love doesn’t respect you, you’re doomed my dear.  

5. He has another woman

You’d think this one would be obvious but let me elaborate. No man is with a woman because he’s stuck with her, give them a bit more credit than that. They do what they want to do, so if they’re still with her, it’s because they want to be. Not to mention, if he’s cheating on her, what’s to say he won’t cheat on you? Run away while you can.

Ladies, never lose your sense of value. You’re worth so much more than you give yourselves credit for. 

If you find yourself feeling alone and dejected, remove yourself from the drama, block his number and social media, take yourself on a shopping spree and plan a girls night. Never forget to treat yourself like the queen you are.

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Photo by: Andras Schram

Hair and makeup: Tara Smith

Clothing by: Freddy (Chinook mall location) 

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5 Signs he’s a keeper

Freddy facts of the week:

We all wonder what to look for in a man. When in a relationship here are 5 things to watch for that can help ensure you’re not wasting your time:

1. He makes time for you

This is huge. With everyone being so “busy” in today’s world, it’s important to know where you file into his schedule. If he manages to take your call at work (or calls you back the second he can), if he’s at a party and takes the time to call/text you, if he’s watching sports and still makes time to call, your man is showing you’re important to him. If you constantly hear, ” I couldn’t talk to you because __________,” You should probably rethink your current man. 

2. He texts you good morning/goodnight 

This is sort of similar from the first but not quite. By messaging you at these key times it shows that in his most quiet moments, the times when he’s alone, he’s thinking of you. You’re one of his first thoughts waking up and one of the last before he closes his eyes. This is a way of saying, “you’re a priority to me.”

3. You can find the humour in the most stressful of situations

This is something you’ll experience the more you’re together and perhaps when you’re officially in a relationship. But when the chips are down and the whole world as you know it is crashing around you, you can both find a way to laugh about something. You need to remember above all else that you are in love, and love does not thrive in pain, rather it sees humour and play as fuel, you must be able to see past the present and remind your souls that you are true, and you’re there to support and cherish each other. 

4. You laugh at most of the same jokes

You don’t have to like the same things, but laughter and love are very similar languages. Try going to a stand up comedy show, if you both howl laughing about the same subject matter chances are you’ll be able to speak to each other’s souls for a long time.

5. He touches you often

This is a direct sign that not only is he thinking of you, but wants to be connected in more of a physical way. If he holds your hands, hugs/kisses you, grabs your ass, he’s letting you and everyone in eye sight know that you’re his, and he’s yours. 

Photo by: Randy Porter

Hair and Makeup by: Tara Smith

Pants: leather effect by Freddy Canada / Freddy USA

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5 Crucial points to maintain coloured hair.

Freddy fact of the week:

All too often I see girls get a beautiful, vibrant colour, it lasts one week and the next week the same girl’s hair looks busted and as though it hasn’t been styled in weeks…
So what happened? 
Well girls you HAVE to take care of your hair, if you don’t know how to, that’s cool I got you covered ..
There’s 5 crucial things you need to keep in mind in order to maintain your colour: 
2. Wash with colour treated shampoo and conditioner from a SALON as it will be free of sulfates (sulfates dry the hair out, leaving it brittle, it’s also a cleansing agent so it literally strips the colour from your hair). 
3. Wash in cold water for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wash. This closes the cuticle, sealing the colour in. 
4. Try to use dry shampoo to spare another day without washing your hair. 
5. Use a Leave in conditioner as it also keeps the cuticle closed, also moisturizes, protects from heat, and reflects the light making it much more lustrous. (Aka shiny 🙂 
So there you have it! 5 simple tips to save you colouring your hair every two weeks. 

For the latest fashion to match your beautiful hair head to 

Freddy Pants Canada
Freddy Pants USA
Photo by Dan Chabot

Hair advice: hair stylist Jason Mellor

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5 Great Date Ideas

Freddy Fact of the week

In the world of 2016, so many people are dating. The same old “let’s go to the bar,” or “watch Netflix and chill” is getting really overplayed. So here’s some classy and fun ways to impress your next date, and who knows, maybe they’ll be the one.

1. Comedy club

There is nothing more interesting than seeing what makes your love interest laugh. You get to a know a side of them they may not show all the time, and the most pure you’ll ever see someone look is when they genuinely laugh. Here in Calgary I suggest The Laugh Shop, second to that would be YukYuks. Laugh shop you get your own table and can have some private time before the show starts. YukYuks has some private booths but you may be on a long table with other couples, so if you want more intimacy between the two of you I would take the former suggestion. 

2. Fancy dinner and a walk

Any restaurant that has a tv commercial is not the restaurant you are permitted to choose in this category. Think 4-5 star, obscure menu, (there better not be chicken fingers on there), usually formal or semi formal attire. If all else fails you can laugh together about the strange dish one of you ordered or have a giggle at either one trying to pronounce some French delicacy. Afterward, drive to downtown or your local river valley and go for a walk. Walk in a public place though, no girl likes to be lead into a dark forest after a first date. Go feed the ducks together, or just sit on a rock for a minute and talk. 

3. Picnic storm 

If you catch wind that a storm is coming, (gotta be a fair distance away though) setup a picnic together on a hill where you can see the approaching storm. It’s incredibly beautiful to watch lightning and rain from afar. Plus with the quick drop in temperature you may even get to wear your partners coat or get to get close to them. 

4. Paintball 

For this one I suggest going on a random weekday so that you can have a course to yourselves. Suit up, and test your combat skills (or lack thereof) against each other in a primal setting. You soon learn how compassionate someone is when they can easily shoot you in the privates but chooses not to. Or you can watch them suffer in a playful way, up to you, but girls, don’t shoot men in the privates or the date might not go so well.

5. Tubing (in summer) skating (in winter) 

Summer; put on your cutest bikini, bring water and a snack (in a ziploc bag) apply lots of sunscreen, grab a couple DECENT PRICED tubes and hit up your local river. The reason I say spend a bit more on tubes (the same as you might on good pants) is that you don’t want to be the person half way down the river who’s tube pops. So splurge a bit so you have one that will last a few trips.

Winter: skating. Grab your skates (again, don’t use rentals, go buy a pair instead) take a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate (add a shot of baileys for even more fun) bundle up, and go to your local outdoor rink. There’s something magical about skating around with someone you love as the snow falls gently outside. Afterward you can cuddle up in your car together and warm up before you take your partner home.

Notice one thing about all these dates? Not one suggested sleeping together. Get to know the person you plan on dating, 2016 has little to no romance left and it saddens me. When you know a person inside out, their desires, their fears, what they enjoy, then you can truly love a person. And when you start out by dating you’ll always have a great “how we met” story, rather than the same old “we met at a bar.”

There’s a bit of romance in all of us, sometimes you just need to think outside the box.

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Photo by Andras Schram

Hair and Makeup Tara Smith

Clothes by Freddy

Shoes by Ivanka Trump

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6 Ways to cool your house without an AC

Freddy Facts of the week:

With summer fast approaching, Canadians are all too familiar with major heat waves that make it almost impossible to sleep (especially if you share a bed with your partner, in my case he’s a walking furnace).

So I’m going to outline 6 ways you can keep your house nice and cool, so you can rest up and really enjoy the heat in a healthy way.


Ever wonder how greenhouses can keep going all year? All that glass allows the Suns rays to be absorbed and reflected to create more heat within it. As tempting as it is in summer to open the blinds and let the sun in before you leave for work, if you don’t want to come home to a walk in sauna, keep them closed. Even better if you have black out curtains or a heavy cloth to go over the blinds (standard plastic blinds still let a decent amount of light in, so if you really want a chill house try putting up some thick towels or a dark fleece blanket over the windows, you’ll thank me later).

2. Turn your ceiling fans to COUNTER CLOCKWISE

Believe it or not, we’re supposed to switch our fans in winter and summer. Clockwise allows the heats to rise, whereas the opposite pulls up the cold air. Also, turning your oven extractor fan or your bathroom fans on will also suck out the heat as that is one of their main functions.

3. Don’t close bedroom doors

Houses have a natural air flow to them and disrupting that will allow bedrooms to trap the warm air in. Ever notice the living room is usually colder than your room? You probably kept the door closed. Open it up and you’ll notice a couple degree drop at least.

4. Change up your bedding

In the winter months we usually gravitate to flannelette sheets. In summer try switching to cotton, it doesn’t hold as much heat.

5. Make your own AC (my favourite)

A trick I learned when I had my first apartment in a ghetto, was to place a bowl filled with ice in front of a fan (make sure the fan can be seen from above the bowl) turn it on and voila! You have your own cheap version of an air conditioner.

6. Let the night air seep in

Many nights get colder than the day (some don’t so maybe step outside and make sure you feel a breeze) if you do feel that breeze, open up all the windows in your home and let that cool air circulate. You can even be strategic with your fans and place them near the air flow to help pick it up and travel through.

So there you have it. 6 ways to keep things chilled this summer. Every year the metropolitan centres like Toronto lose some elderly due to heat exhaustion, so if you have a grandparent that you care about try setting up some of these tricks for them, and they’ll be around to enjoy more summers with you in the future.

Stay cool Canada

Carolynne’s Pants by Freddy Pants Canada and Freddy Pants USA

Photo by Donn Horbach

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith


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5 Super Foods that Burn Fat!

Freddy fact of the week:

Many of us tackle that dreaded bulge, but how many of us are willing to go on a, wait for it, DIET!? 

If you’re like me and you answered no, then here’s 5 super foods you need to incorporate into your life to help burn fat fast, without cutting out that much needed nutrition.

1. Kale

This little vegetable packs the most nutrients out of any of the greens you can find. It also suppresses that stubborn appetite! Next time you make a salad be sure to include your kale!

2. Avocado

I’ve heard many people say “but it still has lots of fat in it.” HUGE MYTH OF WEIGHT LOSS, don’t cut out good fats! Avocado is a monounsaturated fat, which will add charge to the cell membrane in order to help burn 3x the fat. So next time you’re hungry don’t skip on the guacamole. 

3. Wild Salmon

This lovely pink lady is prime at attacking stomach fat, so if you love salmon you can ingest this on a regular basis with no remorse. It’s high in omega 3 which combats insulin resistance (hint hint PCOS sufferers) and will in turn help slim down that waistline. 

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is loaded with medium-chained-triglycerides which is the body’s preferred source of energy, meaning you have less of a chance of storing it as fat. Try using it as a cooking oil or in your coffee as a boost. 

Speaking of coffee…

5. Coffee

One cup of black coffee a day (no, not 3-4, and no, not with cream/milk and or sugar) stimulates adrenaline and in turn burns that fat. If you really have to sweeten it up, as I mentioned above, try and teaspoon of coconut oil in it. 

Incorporating these 5 super foods can make you feel like stepping out in your best wears and hitting the town! And who doesn’t like to look and feel their best?

Dress and jacket by Freddy pants, dresses, jackets and more!

To purchase in USA USA Freddy clothing

Photography by Andras Schram

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith

Blog post by Carolynne Scoffield 


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4 Reasons to drink 8 glasses of water daily

Freddy fun fact of the week. 

We’ve all heard this, now it’s time to spell out why we should be doing it.

As many as 75% of North Americans are dehydrated. We all consume copious amounts of coffee, soft drinks, and juice, but sometimes that good ol water is simply being put on the back burner, and we are suffering for it. 

Here are 4 reasons you should get that water in you now!


By consuming our 8 glasses a day it actually allows our body to use the water we need where it is needed, (hydrate the organs and muscles) and excrete it when needed. If we don’t ingest it we’ll simply retain it, causing that dreaded bloat we all too often are fighting. For this reason alone drinking 8 glasses a day is worth it.


Ever wonder why celebs or models have such lovely skin? As a model we are coached constantly to drink more water. When the skin is hydrated it has a natural glow to it, it helps flush out impurities leaving a soft, supple finish. If you’re having skin problems I suggest upping your water intake. (Having trouble with Acne? Read this! Natural ways to fight acne for cheap!)


More often than not , when exhausted we reach for caffeine to give us that needed jolt of energy. When in fact, it only supplies a short burst, and we are left even more exhausted (Muscle fatigue). Reach for water instead, and you’ll notice you have much more energy than you did by using that crutch of caffeine. 

4. EXCRETION (aka going to the bathroom, number 1 and 2)

If you have any problems, down there, water can help immensely. By aiding the kidneys in filtration you’ll help rid yourself of the dreaded bladder infections, and help prevent future problems that may result in kidney failure. On the flip side (literally) if you notice you’re constipated, or experiencing diarrhea, water can help soften the stool. In the case of diarrhea, it’s actually a symptom of dehydration. So instead of heading straight for the pepto bismol, try pumping up your water intake. 

So there you have it. Want to feel beautiful inside and out? Get that water in you! 

Photos courtesy of Pablo B Pablo’s page

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith Tara’s Facebook



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