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5 Great Date Ideas

Freddy Fact of the week In the world of 2016, so many people are dating. The same old “let’s go to the bar,” or “watch Netflix and chill” is getting really overplayed. So here’s some classy and fun ways to … Continue reading

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5 Super Foods that Burn Fat!

Freddy fact of the week: Many of us tackle that dreaded bulge, but how many of us are willing to go on a, wait for it, DIET!?  If you’re like me and you answered no, then here’s 5 super foods … Continue reading

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4 Reasons to drink 8 glasses of water daily

Freddy fun fact of the week.  We’ve all heard this, now it’s time to spell out why we should be doing it. As many as 75% of North Americans are dehydrated. We all consume copious amounts of coffee, soft drinks, … Continue reading

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3 Natural and Cheap Ways to Stop Acne Now!

Freddy fun fact of the week: We’ve all been there, whether we’re in our teens, fighting as an adult, or are pregnant, acne can wreak havoc on our skin. If you’re like me you’ve spent numerous $ on several over … Continue reading

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The IKEA Nightmare

Today I found the guts to go to IKEA to get the missing hardware to hang my wall mirrors. I decided I would get there as soon as they opened to avoid excess crowds and get in and out…. HAHAHAHA … Continue reading

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The Lady who is Mill Canyon Photography 

Tucked away in the beautiful area of Pincher Creek is one of the most talented female photographers I’ve had the chance of working with. Meet Jenny of Mill Canyon Photography. A happily married mother of two children who also works … Continue reading

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I Am Maltese

No, I am not a dog. Nor am I a chocolate or a falcon. It has occurred to me that few people in this world know of Malta or those of us who descend from there, so allow me to … Continue reading

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