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Pregnant, PCOS, and PTSD

About 3 months ago I discovered, to my shock, that I was pregnant. This is how I found out, and how it’s affected me since. I went to my doctors because I felt the PTSD surging with a vengeance. I … Continue reading

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Help A Sister Out

Ok folks, especially in Edmonton, Calgary, I need you on this one. Some of you may not know I’ve already had a LEEP procedure to remove cancerous cells from my cervix, and that I also have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). … Continue reading

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Anger Management

I get it, you’re pissed off at life. Most of us are. But when you stop focusing on what is ruining you and start to focus on what could possibly fix you, there is in fact an end to the … Continue reading

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PCOS Part 2- Stay Classy Soul Cysters

for all my soul cysters, comment with your experiences If you didn’t know I suffer from PCOS, scroll down for post PCOS part 1

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For my Soul Cysters

PCOS PT 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZC-khkcbEo To look at me, you probably wouldn’t know I have a disease. One I’ve had since birth. They say you have it “from womb to tomb.” It affects your weight, diet, causes insulin resistance. It affects … Continue reading

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