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Poem to PTSD

There are times I can’t seem to find The weapon to quiet the demons in my mind, How they torment and dance in my head, Typically just before I go to bed And throughout the night as I sleep, They … Continue reading

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The Broken Doll

Broken doll on the wall Sits up so high Everyone thinks she’s happy But they don’t know why Why her porcelain skin is cracked And her smile no longer straight You can glue her back together But you can’t change … Continue reading

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Ode the ones that got away… cause i kicked them out of my life

Turn your back And grasp your sword And pray long To the almighty lord He makes you see red He makes you feel white He makes your heart pound As he begins the fight There is no reason There is … Continue reading

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Calming Storms

Thunder and lightning You see as frightening I see as calming My soul For amongst the clatter And rain pit-patter I feel myself Most whole

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As much as they’re overused to date, I still love roses. The symbol of a rose is a perfect description of myself. Beauty on the top, protected by thick leaves and a long, thorn filled stem. If you aren’t gentle … Continue reading

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