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Robbed at 7-11

This morning when I stopped at the nearest 7-11 for my usual large coffee with French vanilla cream, I came to a disheartening realization. First of all, for the SECOND TIME in a week, on a week day, the 7-11 … Continue reading

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The Cheesecake Ca-FAIL

There is only one Cheesecake Cafe in Calgary. Today was my first visit to the ever famous “Cheesecake Cafe” here in town, and admittedly, it will be my last. Never, in my life as a restaurant connoisseur, nor in my … Continue reading

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Sheer Elegance

I had the privilege of working with one of Calgary’s most amazing photographers, right before she leaves to move to BC! So anyone in the BC market, keep your eyes open for this talent!!! Since I got back into modelling … Continue reading

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OITNB- Episode 2 recap

I would like to start by saying this is the first cast and crew that I have found to be such true, real people. I connect with them on twitter on a regular basis! How cool is that! Such amazing … Continue reading

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Episode 1- I’m not ready yet, @OISTNB, #OISTNB, Orange is the new Black

First of all, when I heard Jenji Kohan had another show out, I was ecstatic, so, I fired up Netflix and tuned in. Second… did we know this is a true story!!!!! Here’s the recap of episode 1: We open … Continue reading

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