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I’m sick of this shit 

Welcome to 2017. The height of the liberal movements. Where everyone has rights and everyone has a voice. Thanks to social media, I’ve found my voice becoming more and more quiet. Why? Because I’m white, so my opinion is biased, … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to my best friend

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The man who called me “Lady C”

Today I was both overjoyed and heartbroken within an hour. I saw a clip of my good friend Mark Allen Sims on TV. Due to a nasty divorce he had been made homeless. When I saw him, singing on TV … Continue reading

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Ode To My Beautiful Golden Puppy

Today I found out that tomorrow, my parents will take our almost-14yr old yellow Labrador to be put down to sleep. Naturally when I heard this it broke my heart. I know it needs to be done, she’s old and … Continue reading

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The Setting Sun

After 2 years of glamour here in Calgary, I feel my spotlight drastically fading. What’s worse is I never really got to taste the full opportunity.  When something comes along and rips up your face it tends to limit what … Continue reading

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Calgary Crime

Once again I am victim to Calgary’s growing crime rate. This time much more impactful than the last. I awoke this morning to my neighbour calling through my window, “hello! Are you home!? Someone smashed in your window last night … Continue reading

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You Left Her To Die

Everyday hundreds of animals are left stranded on sides of roads, in boxes behind dumpsters, left to fend for themselves. In the event the animal is an infant, the chance of survival on their own is slim to nil. Last … Continue reading

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